Nov 20, 2014

Article | A Review of Konga's Online Affiliate Marketing program VS Jumia's affiliate marketing program is becoming one of the major earners for most internet publishers and web marketers in Nigeria. Experiences and reports gathered showed that many prefer Konga to Jumia when it comes to affiliate marketing. Below are some of the reasons;

1) Affiliate platform: Reports have shown that Konga affiliate platform is more reliable than that of Jumia's. Jumia has changed its affiliate platform more than three times and traffic records of its members being wiped off. Jumia affiliates had no choice but to start all over again with new affiliate ID

2)  Support and Tools: Konga provides better support  and affiliate tools for its members compare to that of Jumia's. There have been several complains as regards Jumia's affiliate commissions. Affiliate commissions not being paid sometimes due to inaccurate or error in affiliate ID tracking.

3) DirectLinks: Konga offers better DirectLink URL support that protects affiliate's ID. The DirectLinks allow you to use links with no additional parameters in the URL. DirectLink URL serve as affiliate link and no need to create affiliate links every time you want to promote a product.

4) Signing up: Registering for affiliate program with Konga is quite easy compare to Jumia. Though approval is manual for both, but Konga is faster when it comes to approval of new affiliates..
If you are interesting in becoming an affiliate marketer for Konga, you can click here» SIGN UP. It is free.

This review is based on experiences and reports gathered. If you think otherwise or you've had different experience with either of the two, please kindly comment below.

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