Oct 15, 2013

Article | Process of Strategic Business Implementation

Implementing a Strategic change in an organization is often a challenge to many managers who are very conservative in their thinking and not inclined to progressive change in a highly competitive business arena.

The process of strategic business implementation simply involve the following:
  • Planning, Designing and Developing appropriate organizational Structure (Organogram). This  entails setting out broad goals, policies and describing activities of an organization in a structural form. Defining and determining line of authority and responsibilities. More so analyzing how to achieve a balance between centralization and decentralization of these organizational activities.
  • Allocating resources through budgeting ( sales budget, production budget etc )
  • Establishing and instituting functional policies that will support effective strategy execution.
  • Initiating appropriate changes and improvement in value creation activities; Example, 4Ps marketing mix ( Price , Product, Place and promotion)

        -Introduction cost reduction programme through new Ideals
        -Initiating cost points or centres in an organisation
        -Product Rebranding and Repackaging.. Etc
        • Evaluating and Analyzing the business environment using SWOT methodology; Having an insight about the Strength, Weakness Opportunities and Threat of  the industrial arena. This is very necessary especially in a highly competitive environment.

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