Sep 3, 2015

Guatemala president resigns amid corruption probe

Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina has resigned in the face of a corruption scandal that has brought his government to the brink, a spokesman said early Thursday. ....[AP News]»

Asia Markets: Asian shares rise with China closed for holiday

Asian markets close mostly higher on Thursday, led by a strong performance in Japanese stocks after U.S. markets restored some stability to a region rocked by volatility. ...[MarketWatch]»

European markets rise, as investors wait for QE hints from Draghi

Stocks across Europe rise, with the volatile markets in China closed and as investors wait to find out whether the ECB is considering pumping more stimulus into the eurozone economy ...[MarketWatch]»

Futures Movers: Crude-oil prices edge lower in calmer trading

Crude oil futures are lower, but the market was less volatile with Chinese traders away from their desks for national holidays and global markets holding steady. ...[MarketWatch]»

43% of U.S. homes are at high risk of natural disaster

More people are being displaced from their homes each year and this is unlikely to change, research shows. ...[MarketWatch]»

Sep 2, 2015

Deadly explosion hits Zaidi mosque in Yemen capital

Suicide bomber and car bomb target mosque in Sanaa frequented by both Shias and Sunnis, killing at least 20 worshippers. ...[Al Jazeera]»

Obama gains enough Senate support to protect Iran deal

US president secures support of 34 senators, enough to block any attempt by Congress to scupper nuclear deal with Iran. ...[Al Jazeera]»

Pope Francis says priests can now forgive abortion

Priests will be allowed to forgive women for abortions if they show a "contrite heart" during the Holy Year of Mercy. ...[Al Jazeera]»

US Judge Upholds Charges Against Police in Freddie Gray Case

A judge in the eastern U.S. city of Baltimore has refused to dismiss charges against six police officers in the death an African-American man who died while in police custody. ... ...[VOA News]»

Scientists Predict Wet Winter in Drought-stricken US West

As the drought continues for another year in southern California, more and more people, including Jan Muntz, are replacing all or parts of their yards with unconventional garden plants. ... ...[VOA News]»

China shares recover early losses

Chinese markets recovered from early losses on Wednesday, with analysts speculating that the government had stepped in to prop up the market.. ....[BBC News]»

Thai fingerprint 'matches bomb suspect'

Thai police say fingerprints found on seized bomb-making material match those of a man detained over the Bangkok shrine attack.. ....[BBC News]»

U.S. stock futures extend rise after private- sector jobs data

U.S. stock futures were trading higher Wednesday, as investors digested a report showing solid job gains in the private sector as well as a sharp upward revision to productivity growth. ...[MarketWatch]»

Sep 1, 2015

Oldest known case of LEUKAEMIA found in 7k-year-old skeleton in Stuttgart-Mühlhausen

Evidence of blood cancer was found in the 7,000-year-old skeleton (pictured), which was discovered in the Neolithic graveyard of Stuttgart-Mühlhausen in Germany. ...[DailyMail]»

Ashley Madison created 70,000 ‘fembots’ to talk to men looking for affairs

A new investigation by a US tech website also suggests that female robots were programmed to send millions of fake messages in a 'sophisticated, deliberate, and lucrative fraud'. ...[DailyMail]»

Man sheds deadly polio virus in feces for 28 years

Researchers from the UK have reported on a man who they believe has been shedding a mutated form of a vaccine-derived polio virus in his feces for 28 years. ...[Medical News Today]»

Lack of sleep could increase common cold risk

A new study has found that people who slept less than 5 hours a night were 4.5 times likely to catch a cold when exposed to the virus than people who slept 7 or more hours. ...[Medical News Today]»

Young women with diabetes 'have six-fold higher heart attack risk'

A new study examines data from over 7,000 women to evaluate the risk factors among younger women that are associated with cardiovascular disease. ...[Medical News Today]»

National Sperm Bank Has Just Nine Donors

The head of the centre says it could take five years to get enough donors, but says a new ad campaign could make a difference. ...[Sky News]»

Hackers Claim Revenge Attack On NCA Website

The National Crime Agency site is down for more than an hour after a Distributed Denial of Service attack claimed by Lizard Squad. ...[Sky News]»

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